U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023

The U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023 are awarded to women who are citizens of countries outside the USA or Canada. This scholarship is exclusive to women who are interested in a graduate study in any education offer in any school in the USA and Canada.

The International Peace Scholarship Fund was established to help women on any demonstrated needs. The scholarship is aimed at sustaining women within and across U.S.A to bring them on a higher starting point. It is an unwritten rule by every member of the International Peace Scholarships (IPS) that education is fundamental to maintaining world peace. Woman cannot be downplayed when it comes to matters that involves world politics and global growth.

Why is this rule a driving force for every member of IPS? When women who are qualified for a turn around and lack the means to earn money, and these women are given the privilege of higher education, they have every tendency and opportunity to become successful and earn a living from it. Helping the girl child (or women) have a direct assistance to aid or helps the economy and the world at large.

Truth be told, it is an added advantage to know that the Peace International Scholarships can’t cover a full academic tuition fee and personal living expenses. The PEO scholarship serves as a gesture that motivates the girl-child to keep her dream alive and influential.

For eligibility and a chance to be a successful candidate, what is required of you is to provide supporting documentation, proof of income or resources at the time of application.  This is to show that she is just not a reliability to be overlooked. The scholarship program will cater for the remaining costs to complete the program.

Some of these costs include work grants,  fund raising, teaching assistantships, tuition waivers, college grants, etc.

Accredited universities and colleges in the USA or Canada can reimburse a maximum amount of $12,500 to all individual successful applicants. Depending on the package and period of application, this may tend to be less. The number of grants has no fixed amount in every concurrent year.

U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023: Field of Study

The U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023 offers a Masters and Ph.D. Programs in all fields to any accredited college or university in the United States.

The scholarship is limited only to coursework. There is no application for an online tuition or the sorts. In this case, successful applicants must be present during the course of this scholarship.

U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023: How To Be Eligible

When it comes to federal scholarships, there are points to consider that an applicant must satisfy to be eligible for the U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023. These requirements are of utmost importance because without them no applicant will be deemed successful. Below is a comprehensive list of such conditions includes:

  • The U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023 provides financial support to women from outside the United States and Canada. For this reason, they must apply for a degree from an accredited college or university in the United States. This is with the expectation that the student will return to their base country and utilize their acquired education to complete the degree they desire. The end product of the U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023 is to usher women who have Positive impact and promotion of world peace.
  • Interested candidate must have a full year in previous academy. Only then can they enroll for the scholarship throughout the whole year. This is the basic requirement for eligibility.
  • Graduate medical students are not to be considered for first-time applicants.
  • Only students having government approved accommodation will be considered.
  • The university mission is centered on on positive attitude and good character. This is the very quality to demonstrate leadership.
  • The applicant must be open to incoming students starting the academic year.
  • Any candidate who is already a graduate is eligible to apply for one (1) scholarship extension. However, they can receive student grants for more than two (2) years. This is based on their later assessment and qualification.

By reasons of qualification, the conditions either qualify or disqualify a candidate the PEO scholarship –

  • A girl-child is either of any Canadian province or USA permanent resident is not eligible. The U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023 is centered on immigrant women only.
  • It is an auto disqualification to use scholarship benefit or grant to settle previous personal debts.
  • PhD students who have completed their studies and are only working for financial benefits only.

U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023: How To Apply

There is a more detailed information and guidance on how candidates can apply for a successful application to the U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023.

All applicants must provide all the necessary documents that are to be process by the leading board in the scholarship program – U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023.

A complete application is made both online and offline. Candidates must fill the form via the institute portal and must submit a hard copy to the PEO Peace Office.

U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023: Deadline of The PEO Scholarship

The online application is open from September 15 and it will last till December, 15. While the formal submission of hard copy documents and application letter to the PEO Peace Office starts officially from March1, 2023. This office will be closed on the 1 April, 2023.

U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023: Special Dates For Scholarship

It is important to know the dates that are associated with the U.S.A. International Peace Scholarships For Women – 2023. Below are some dedicated dates PEO Scholarship starts accepting until the last day of qualification.

  • March 1, 2023

It is the post day to submit completed applications for the applicants who are already to be enrolled in the graduate program and school for which the scholarship is intended. It is the very day to submit completed applications from all applicants who are not yet enrolled in the program or school.


PEO International Peace Scholarships is not accepting any form either eligible or not after December 15th, 2023. It is to your advantage to know that, every applicant either graduate or undergraduate – has 60 days from the date of eligibility form and is approved approved and permitted to submit their completed application form.

Important resources or documents must include the application form, a personal statement or reason for application and renewal progress, education & recruitment, executive members recommendations, and recovery form.

Also, the present scholarship awards will be announced in May, 2023. This scholarship benefit is grouped into two payments to advance the girl-child education and worldwide influence. This supposed payment is paid in full in the due course of August, 2023 for early stage and December, 2023 for late stage.

The mission and vision of the PEO International Peace Scholarship is to support international female students pursuing graduate studies in the USA and Canada. This is a global advancement to bring more brilliant minds to the environment of world affairs.

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